Education continuity during covid-19

The pandemic not only disrupted business but everything across the world and that includes education. In Uganda, we went into total lockdown in April and that meant kids there was no access to education.

Several city schools and parents explored online education and have indeed continued with learning. That is just a very small portion of the over 1.5 Million learners in Uganda. Majority of learners across the country especially in rural Uganda

We have teamed up with our partner TheirWorld to bring mobile learning to students in the district of Ibanda in Uganda. The villages that have no access to radio stations or Tvs and therefore are not accessing any learning that the government has proposed on TV and radio. Using feature phones, we are connecting learners to teachers and providing learning material. Students call teachers when they need support with the learning content.

With the content the government has provided, we are simplifying it for learners from different communities and levels of standards in schools. Our teacher network is well equipped to support learners.  Our programs are targeted towards girls, however, also engage boys in this program.