Covid-9 effects on our community

Our work with young women who have dropped out of school as well as those in underserved schools has been greatly affected by the pandemic. Our impact is challenged by the lockdown and lack of economic activity that have filled our communities in the last couple of months.

Statistics are showing us that over 60% of the over 1000 young women that had started their own businesses have spent their business capital to feed their families and therefore will not be returning to work when the lockdown is eased.

The in-school girls from rural Uganda are also at risk of not returning to school because many will be required to stay at home to support with household chores as parents go out to work, many will be sent to work alongside their families, while some have become pregnant. Worst of all, some have been married off in this season.

This is just the beginning of the negative effects of the pandemic, many months from now, we shall still be recovering and rebuilding our work, a lot has to be redone, retraining, capital injection in the small and micro businesses and emotional support if we are getting some sort of recovery.

In our efforts to support our community, we have set up an e-commerce platform specifically for women traders, entrepreneurs, and resellers to trade online.  We have integrated it with cashless payments and delivery services so the traders We believe this platform will not only support the women recover but also boost their sales with greater access to new markets, build business credibility under our business review system, it will also make it easy for them to show a record of the transactions and income of their businesses when looking for business loans.

One thing is sure, we shall all never be the same again. We need to adapt to the new changes this pandemic has brought and figure out how to make them work for us.