About Us

Our Goals


The lives of women and girls


Multi-generational financial security for African families


To gender equality and women’s economic empowerment


Into the economic gain of the highly-trending global tech industry

Over the next 5 years,
we will create 100,000 jobs for young women,
including refugees and females with disabilities.
This will be achieved by carefully working with communities
and their people to bring lasting change.
The WITU Model has been tried, tested, and perfected.
We know it works because it already has.
WITU participates in the formation of new businesses and the scaling
of existing ones. What does that mean for our tech women?
Direct access to jobs through the digital economy.
We know our story is just beginning…


How WITU Works

Step 1 →

Contact us to be paired with
a WITU Mentor.

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Become one of thousands of
WITU participants, educated
in science, technology,
engineering, and math
through our strategic

Step 3

WITU networking resources
match you with one of
millions of jobs in


A Message from the CEO

The social and economic empowerment of young women holds great personal significance for me. During my gap year between high school and university, I faced a pivotal decision: whether to conform to the traditional paths taken by many young Ugandan women, such as early marriage, motherhood, and a life dictated by male hierarchy or to create a different course for myself.

Upon completing my university, I made a life-changing decision to dedicate my life to empowering young girls and women, enabling them to take control of their destinies and attain financial independence. This marked the beginning of Women In Technology Uganda.

We strongly advocate for the social and economic empowerment of young women as a fundamental solution to alleviate poverty in Africa and worldwide. Moreover, we firmly believe that embracing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) plays a significant role in unlocking the potential of these young women, enabling them to address various social and economic challenges prevailing in our society.

Through education in STEM, leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and fostering self-efficacy, WITU empowers girls and young women, putting the reins of power firmly in their hands. We envision a future where equal rights and true equality are not mere myths, where every girl possesses knowledge, power, and autonomy over her body and well-being. A future where girls have the authority to contribute to family decisions and income, and where they receive quality education, enabling them to become agents of positive change within their communities.

“We believe it’s possible to achieve a world where women are equally contributing to STEM development, leadership, and entrepreneurship.”
Barbara M. Mutabazi, CEO and Founder

Created by women, for women

In 2014, our journey started with only 2 computers and 7 participants in Kampala.
Since then, we have evolved into a prominent national nonprofit, expanding our reach to over 35 districts across the country.
Today, we proudly engage with and empower over 6,000 young girls and women annually.