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The WITU Youth Employment Accelerator Program (YEAP) was established to address the rapidly growing youth unemployment issue in Uganda. Addressing barriers in the labor market, YEAP provides a virtual solution that is designed to transition disadvantaged 15 to 35 year-old unemployed women, with no prior work experience, into entry-level jobs.

YEAP has identified STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) as an area where there are existing and potential job opportunities and works with potential employers to understand their needs and how we can help fill them. In many cases, women who are placed in jobs have received a diploma through WITU’s Women’s Institute of Technology and Innovation (WITI) computer science academy.

The Youth Employment Accelerator Program has the following objectives; 

  1. Expand the work-ready pool of candidates available to employers to include women from underserved regions and markets in Uganda–places where existing corporate networks do not currently reach.
  2. Accelerate job placement and retention of these candidates.
  3. Include young work seekers from underserved communities in the mainstream economy.
  4. Promote skills-led economic growth beyond Uganda's vision 2040.
YEAP Benefits to the youth

YEAP works closely with its partners and potential employers to understand their requirements for new employees, including types of positions, number of candidates needed, and the profile of candidates most likely to succeed in those positions. Using this information, YEAP recruits candidates from areas where existing corporate networks currently do not reach.

YEAP helps to assess these candidates’ behavioral and technical competencies and matches them to jobs where they are most likely to succeed.

YEAP benefits to partners

Employers, both local and international, have full access to ready-trained female talent for global digital jobs.

They will benefit from increased publicity and brand awareness in new markets and communities as a by-product of social media and outreach done by WITU.


We elevate the social and economic status of young women across Uganda by helping them develop relevant, quality skills for the future of work and linking them to job opportunities , provide them with quality business and vocational skills and linkages to financial services so that they can start and run successful businesses
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