The Women’s Institute of Technology and Innovation (WITI) is an academic institution targeted at young women and professionals in underserved households. This two-year, diploma program aims to meaningfully increase the number of qualified African young women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). 

WITI graduates earn a diploma in Computer Science & Entrepreneurship (DCSE) allowing them to develop into junior software developers (full stack developers). This technical-based training can lead to specializations in professional software development, website development, data and analytics, and machine learning.

In addition, WITI equips students with fundamental soft skills to be successful in the workplace.  
WITI empowers young women and girls to advance their STEM careers, learn about subjects that are critical to the future of work, and expand their professional opportunities, especially now, when technology is increasingly becoming a requirement for all business leaders. 
WITI pays 100% of the tuition for all-learners, thanks to the support from the Segal Family Foundation and other WITU donors around the world.


We elevate the social and economic status of young women across Uganda by helping them develop relevant, quality skills for the future of work and linking them to job opportunities , provide them with quality business and vocational skills and linkages to financial services so that they can start and run successful businesses
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