Administrator & Designer


3 Years in Tech

How has your background helped/ differentiatedyou in the tech industy?

Surely I just do my own thingWhat advice would you give to women considering acareer in technology? What do you wish you hadknown?

They should research and develop their skills each day becauseit is such a changing world each minute…,, you sleep, youslip!!!What experiences led you to technology and howdid you develop the skills to compete in theindustry?

With the ever changing world, there is a lot of competition for knowledge. I selftaught basic computer skills as early as 12 years and later added more throughshort computer courses and of course research.
Principles or principle you live by that havestrongly influenced your lifestyle in general?
No procrastination
People are blessings and blessings are people.
What do you enjoy doing for fun outside work?

Core Skills
Graphics designing
Software installation
Social work and administration

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