A women  Founders growth space.

Through the following programs that include the Elevate program, Business Recovery program, Ecommerce-Amaduka; the focus areas are as follows:

Startup Business Development:  We provide bespoke business development consulting services that help female entrepreneurs evaluate, strategize and prepare for funding.

Leadership Development: Learn techniques to maximize your effectiveness as a leader. You will develop an innovative and leadership mindset that will build your resilience and support your business thrive in any situation, pandemic or other…

Network Development:  It is said, your network is your network worth. Businesses that thrive build strong networks. These networks become your customers, supporters, advisors, investors and so much more! We help you build strong networks with the best minds in the region.


We are passionate about promoting advancement of women in Technology and business across the region. The gap can be seen in the number of tech start ups owned by women and the number of investment deals closed by women led and run businesses. We invest in women owned and led idea, early stage and growth stage businesses. We believe that with business development support, mentoring, access to finance and markets Uganda will see more thriving and growing women businesses.

We are the first and only female focused hub in Uganda. We offer seed investment to our members through various ways.  We also flexible space that allows mompreneurs to work with their babies at the hub.

About Our Hub


Investing in women significantly contributes to ending world hunger and poverty. When women have control of assets and financial independence, there is improved food security and nutrition, more children go to school and community resilience.

We equip women who own micro and small enterprises with the tools, resources, and expertise they need to make their businesses thrive and grow. We help them to build skills needed to operate and grow a successful business, take advantage of the internet to promote their goods and services. We provide them with digital financial products including a digital SACCO, access to credit, and bookkeeping services. Our business training and mentorship tailored to this target group helps the women understand business basics, financial literacy, and go to market strategies to help their businesses thrive and grow.

With new confidence, they are able to negotiate for higher prices for their goods, better pay at their jobs, raise their voices against injustices in the community, and get out of toxic relationships.

When we invest in women, we are investing in the next generation.