The WITU Youth Employment Accelerator Program was established to address the rapidly growing youth unemployment in Uganda. Addressing barriers in the labor market, YEAP provides a virtual solution that is designed to transition disadvantaged 15 to 35 year-old unemployed work seekers, with no prior work experience, into entry-level jobs. YEAP’s model has identified STEM as an area where there are existing and potential labor absorption opportunities and emphasizes the need to understand the recruitment needs of employers in this sector.

The Youth Employment Accelerator Program has the following objectives; 

The development of a work-ready pool of candidates to enable the growth of a jobs talent pool and accelerate placement and retention of young work seekers.

The inclusion of young work seekers from underserved communities into the formal mainstream economy.

To promote skills-led economic growth beyond vision 2040. 


YEAP prepares unemployed youth to enter the job market by providing fit-for-purpose work readiness and behavioral skills interventions that directly address the risks identified by employers.  

YEAP facilitates the placement of unemployed youth by inviting partner mentors to review CVs and conduct mock interviews with feedback in preparation for work readiness mind shift. Mentors who happen to be employers can alternatively offer open positions to beneficiaries who meet their requirements.


On the demand side, YEAP works closely with partner potential employers to understand their requirements for new employees, including types of positions, number of candidates needed, and the profile of candidates most likely to succeed in those positions. 

YEAP also recruits candidates where existing corporate networks do not reach, and assesses their behavioural and technical competencies to match them to jobs where they are most likely to succeed.

Partners will benefit from the publicity in the beneficiary communities as well as the wider audience through our print and highly popular social media platforms.