The Elevate program is a hands-on, project-based six (6) to (12) week training and work opportunity connection.  It engages young girls and women from underserved communities, and mainly school dropouts who are not in any income-generating activity.  The market-driven training comprises of digital literacy, entrepreneurship, leadership, and life skills.   Working with the private sector, local community leaders, and women, we are increasing these young ladies’ chances of finding gainful employment or starting a business that is technology-enabled.

During the program, the participants are required to conduct community market research to identify an income-generating activity. After identifying the business idea, creating a simple business plan, they test the viability of the business by first showing us their ideas at the Skills Exhibition Day and then going into the community where they pilot with a limited number of people before rolling it out.  We provide small loans to the best ideas.

That aside, we also empower the ladies in employability skills and it is our hope that if one is not able to start a business then they can ably get employment and confidently apply the skills that they have acquired.

To this end, we connect young women to available job opportunities locally and internationally through our partner network.