When I was at the university studying Computer science, I had my career planned out. I wanted to get a job in a tech field but after the frustrations of job seeking and non-retained internships, my hope started waning. Just when I was about to give up, I had an opportunity to get involved in a training program. A program that would help me level up to become employable. A program that would improve my tech skills, give me life skills and a practical approach on how to hook a job in a male dominated field and level up! This program is the Code Girls level up program by the Women In Technology Uganda (WITU).What started out as an intensive program in applications development, UX design and CERT trainings became an eye opener. I saw first-hand through the networking events Barbara took us to, the mock interview sessions during her life skills class how the tech world really works. What it requires to be employable, what tech companies look for when hiring. I began to realize that my good grades were not enough, I had to show practically what I can do. I had to level-up! I am so grateful to Barbara because through this program, I did level-up! Two months into the program, I got a job interview with Medecins sans frontiers-Swiss (Doctors without borders). I was a little nervous but this time I was confident and ready to face the panel of interviewers. Three days later, I got the job! I am glad I joined the level-up program at WITU; it has polished me, equipped me with skills and shaped me into an employable young woman in tech! I am happy in my career path working with ERP systems for a reputable organization.