From no business to a business earning a maximum of 12 million monthly, Nampala Ritah has come a long way. Ritah Joined the elevate program in the 18th cohort and it was during the business ideation class that her business mind was unlocked. To be able to excel in the business ideation exercise, Ritah started a pancake business; making and selling pancakes to her fellows in class. Lacking passion & raw materials (bananas) Nampala went to the village to find raw materials (bananas) to sustain her collapsing business but due to seasonal changes she was unable to get bananas but instead left the village with a sack of Cassava as a send off gift  from her family which she sold for Ugshs 100,000. Ritah used the money she got from selling Cassava to finance her new business idea of selling food stuff and fruits which made her Ugshs 200,000 biweekly. From all her savings off of the food business, Ritah financed her  passion for carpentry  and started her dream business of a  furniture shop. Nampala Ritah is now the owner of  a S&S woods furniture located in Ntinda selling sculptures, dining tables, beds, beddings, chairs, table, centerpieces, curtains, curtain holders and art pieces among others. It is from this furniture shop that Ritah makes a maximum of 12,000,000 a month. Ritah continues to save with a dream of continuing her education majoring in business administration to be able to manage and grow her furniture business into a furniture export business.