I am a professional pineapple farmer who for a long time has been growing pineapples as an activity to keep me busy and get a little income after my work contract ended. When i joined WITU (cohort 19) in our Business skills class I thought of turning pineapple growing into a commercial activity so I started looking for customers starting with hotels, restaurants, and markets. When I got a restaurant and a hotel in Nansana my income increased from Ugshs 300000 to Ugshs 1000000 a month. Since I had got bookkeeping skills during the program, this enabled me to keep track of my business financially and this has provided me with financial stability and growth. I am supporting my husband with our children’s school fees and have enabled me to start a pineapple juice business which gives me 50,000 a day by supplying different offices and shops in town. I am saving ugx 300000  a month to be able to start my juice manufacturing company.