Brenda joined the Elevate program in the 18th cohort during a time she was at the verge of leaving Kampala to go back to her village in Lira district.  She had for so long considered leaving Kampala because she could no longer afford to take care of herself and her children’s needs. The Gnuts and SimSim business she had been operating for a year making Ugshs 50000 monthly wasn’t growing, in debt and contributing little to their needs. After the SWOT analysis and  financial literacy class, Bua realised that she was spending more of the business money on personal expenses and that’s why the business wasn’t growing. After 2 months of applying continuous bookkeeping and financial management skills she had learnt during the Elevate program, Brenda’s Gnuts and Sim Sim grinding business picked up making Ugshs 200,000 a month. In a bid to scale up, she started branding her products using a product label she designed in the publisher class during a computer skills class. This helped her secure more well established customers like supermarkets and bigger shops around Kamwokya which she supplies peanut,ground nuts  and sim sim weekly.  Brenda, a young woman  who had once considered going back to the village used her savings from her Gnut and Sim Sim business, started a retail shop and also enrolled for a presidential initiative program from where she learnt how to make shoes. Brenda sells the shoes she makes outside her retail shop making a maximum of Ugshs 50000 weekly, she also dreams of starting a shoe making company in Lira to teach young women how to make shoes to be able to sustain their livelihood and also empower them with business and life skills she got from the elevate program.