I joined the WITU Elevate program(Cohort 19), I didn’t have a job and could not work because I could not afford to pay for daycare for my children. During the entrepreneurship class, I was motivated to follow my dream of starting a daycare center for kids. The classes were very practical and relatable to the day to day businesses so with my savings I had been keeping and my husband’s support I started daycare on 1st April 2019. I started to care for 6 kids weekly and 2 on the weekend. I have those that just come in and those on a term basis. In my first month of the operation, I made Ugx 800,000 and I make a minimum of Ugx 120,000 daily. WITU taught me how to use computers which I use to record the attendance of the kids and a database of their details like parent contacts, their illnesses and allergies, stock tracking, and bookkeeping in form of registration and medical forms. This helps me keep all the daycare information and documents safe in one place. I also learned how to make liquid soap and Body Jelly which I plan to start making to be used at the daycare. I want to use the soap to do daily cleaning and the Jelly for the kids so that I don’t spend much on buying supplies. This will cut on my expenses. I plan on setting up a nursery and primary school soon.