What we do

What we do

We drive behavioural change within young women to prepare them for meaningful and dignified work. Support young women to build confidence, hope, desire to work and live their full potential.
We bring life long learning and knowledge to the young women and girls we search. Skills that allow them to work and make a dignified living for themselves and their families.
We provide an environment, tools, resources and skills that allow the young women to form new innovations, businesses, opportunities and mindsets that improve their quality of life

Our Model

Innovation to scale

Achieving repeatable and sustainable organic growth from new products, services and business models that build on the core goals


We listen, are focused on the future and innovating to stay relevant and deliver intended impact to women and girls in Africa.

Market led

Study the market ( Demand and supply opportunities that we can leverage to create dignified work opportunities for young women.


Work with women and girls, local leaders, private sector, government, civil society and communities to achieve our goals.

Our Programmes

WITI- Computer Science Acacemy

The Women’s Institute of Technology & Innovation Diploma program is designed to meaningfully increase the number of qualified young women in STEM, with specialization in data & analytics, android development, website development, machine learning, as well as communication skills and entrepreneurship for ICT in Africa

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Witu Hub - Entrepreneurship Development

Through the following programs that include the Elevate program, Business Recovery program, Ecommerce-Amaduka; the focus areas are as follows:

  1. Startup Business Development:  We provide bespoke business development consulting services that help female entrepreneurs evaluate, strategize and prepare for funding.
  2. Leadership Development: Learn techniques to maximize your effectiveness as a leader. You will develop an innovative and leadership mindset that will build your resilience and support your business thrive in any situation, pandemic or other
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YEA- Digital jobs Center

The WITU Youth Employment Accelerator Program was established to address the rapidly growing youth unemployment in Uganda. Addressing barriers in the labor market, YEAP provides a virtual solution that is designed to transition disadvantaged 15 to 35 year-old unemployed work seekers, with no prior work experience, into entry-level jobs. YEAP’s model has identified STEM as an area where there are existing and potential labor absorption opportunities and emphasizes the need to understand the recruitment needs of employers in this sector.

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