WITU HUB -Code Girls

This is a women founder that cultivates women entrepreneurs by providing business development services and serves two categories of young women. Those who are underserved and are building or looking to build micro enterprises and those who are building high growth potential businesses. Under WITU Hub, we have the following programs;

Our Elevate Program

This program is focused on entrepreneurship training to women from underserved communities majority of whom are high school dropouts who are running or looking to build a micro enterprise. The 12 weeks program focuses on providing attitude and behavior change content, developing vision boards, life skills that are not limited to confidence building, self awareness and self esteem, public speaking and communications and mental health.
It then builds onto that with digital literacy looking at basic computer skills and digital marketing, opportunity identification, entrepreneurship, business management, crowdfunding, financial literacy and bookkeeping, marketing, customer development and scaling.

Business Accelerator program

This program focuses on women founders who are building high growth potential businesses and provides a 3 months workshop based program. This focuses on leadership development, product development, customer development and finance, investments and Valuations.


We elevate the social and economic status of young women across Uganda by helping them develop relevant, quality skills for the future of work and linking them to job opportunities , provide them with quality business and vocational skills and linkages to financial services so that they can start and run successful businesses
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