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Elevate Program

Elevate is a transformative 12-week program that empowers women from underserved communities through entrepreneurship training. Participants gain essential digital literacy by practicing basic computer skills, digital marketing, and exploring opportunities in entrepreneurship, business management, crowdfunding, financial literacy, marketing, customer development, and scaling. The program goes beyond traditional learning by focusing on attitude and behavior-changing content, as well as personal development, such as confidence-building, self-awareness, and mental health support. Vision-board exercises further help participants in shaping their aspirations and goals.

Business Accelerator program

The Women In Technology Uganda accelerator program is a transformative and empowering initiative aimed at fostering the growth and success of women-led businesses, business ideas, and even failed ventures. Through an intensive and supportive fixed-term program, the accelerator provides selected female entrepreneurs with mentorship from seasoned industry experts, access to funding, and essential resources to accelerate their ventures' development. By creating a vibrant and inclusive community, the program cultivates an environment where women can confidently refine their business models, overcome challenges, and form valuable connections. With a strong emphasis on empowering women in the technology and entrepreneurial space, this accelerator is dedicated to breaking barriers, promoting gender equality, and propelling women's participation and leadership in the world of business.

Access to finance

The Access To Finance program by Women In Technology Uganda (WITU) is an ongoing initiative aimed at empowering outstanding businesses and startups through financial assistance. The program focuses on fostering self-reliance by encouraging cohorts to establish savings groups, which act as initial lenders to business startups. WITU complements this effort by providing a small additional loan to these savings groups. Moreover, the program collaborates with local financial institutions to facilitate investment opportunities for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) led by women. Through strategic partnerships with financial institutions across Sub-Saharan Africa, WITU aims to bridge the financing gap and support the growth and success of women-owned startups, thus contributing to the advancement of entrepreneurship and gender equality in the region..

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