The creation of a modern entrepreneur…

starts with a woman who possesses drive.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Designed to elevate women who are underserved, looking to build micro-enterprises
OR high-growth potential businesses, WITU is the Hub for female tech entrepreneurs of Uganda.

Elevate Program

Program focus:

  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Operation of a technology-enabled business for women from underserved communities
  • 12 weeks
  • Focuses on providing attitude and behavior-changing content.
  • Development of vision-boards.
  • Advancement of life skills that include, but are not limited to: confidence-building, self awareness, self-esteem, public speaking/communications, and mental health.
  • Digital literacy through practice with basic computer skills, digital marketing, opportunity identification, entrepreneurship, business management, crowdfunding, financial literacy/bookkeeping, marketing, customer development, and scaling.

Business Accelerator program

Program focus:

  • Female founders who are building high growth potential businesses
  • 3 months
  • Support female founders to get their businesses digitized and digitalized.
  • A workshop-based program that includes developing leadership skills, products, customer and finance, investments, and valuations.
  • Improvement and development of processes and systems for efficiency and profit-maximization.
  • Access to new markets and finance.

Access to finance

Program focus:

  • Provision of financial assistance to outstanding businesses
  • Ongoing
  • WITU encourages cohorts to form savings groups to serve as first lenders to business startups.
  • Each group lends to its members, while WITU provides a small additional loan
  • WITU partners with local financial institutions and connects the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSmEs) MSmEs to them for investment.
  • WITU is always searching for partnership with financial institutions who seek to invest in women-owned startups throughout Sub Saharan Africa.

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Quality programmes for Uganda’s next generation
of women in technology.

Help us elevate the economic status of young women across Uganda.

They have the opportunity to develop relevant, quality skills for future work and access to jobs.
With sufficient funding and support, WITU can provide Uganda’s next generation of women in technology vocational skills, industry expertise, and connection to financial services. Help pave her path to success.

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