Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
are the fields of study that pull the weight of the digital industry.

Our STEM-centered program takes advantage of the advancing state of the digital revolution and ensures
young women and girls are not left behind. We push for gender equality
in Uganda with strategic interventions.

Code Academy
  • 2-year diploma in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship (DCSE)
  • Through the Women’s Institute of Technology and Innovation (WITI)
  • Tech-based training to specialize in:
    • Professional software development
    • Website development
    • Junior Practitioning
    • Soft skills advancement for work in entrepreneurship
    • Post-graduate networking through a digital jobs center

    WITI recruits and trains brilliant young women into junior software developers (full stack developers). Our mission is to empower young women and girls to become innovative technologists and entrepreneurs. .

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  • In partnership with primary and secondary schools across Uganda
  • Introduction to computer science through coding and web design
  • Training of teachers and schools to integrate technology content into the standard curriculum

If you represent a school equipped with a computer lab, your students are eligible for this programme!

Give them skills for their future - a lifetime of dignified employment.

Women In Tech Network

As the WITU movement expands, so do our networking abilities.

We are proud to be able to offer ALL of our graduates the advantage of connecting with other dominant tech professionals in the industry.
Bi-monthly networking events are hosted in physical locations and online. Academic institutions, private sector firms, and government representatives conjoin to meet YOU, the future face of technology in Uganda.
A maker space, facilitated by WITU, is for underserved communities. 100% led by members, this program teaches young girls about tech and helps them build confidence in the field.
Participants are connected to mentors, inspirational role models, and work opportunities.
By creating and fostering a vibrant network of female innovators and professionals, WITU has created a circle of success. Every woman that graduates from one of our programs becomes a connection for a new student.

Quality programmes for Uganda’s
next generation of women in

Help us elevate the economic status of young women across Uganda.

They have the opportunity to develop relevant, quality skills for future work and access to jobs.
With sufficient funding and support, WITU can provide Uganda’s next generation of women
in technology vocational skills, industry expertise, and connection to financial services.
Help pave her path to success.

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