Digital Jobs Center

DIGITAL JOBS CENTER: Connecting young women and youth to work opportunities using technology. The work opportunities maybe be digital or non, maybe remote or physical.The main component is to use technology to access the opportunities and we want to do this through;


A digital collaborative Employment Accelerator system that links youth in Uganda to entry level apprenticeships and work opportunities. The platform provides access to soft skills training, partners with the private sector in Uganda and globally to fulfill positions in their firms. The Firms also provide their staff with volunteers who support the youth with employment readiness training support. mock interviews and guides, mentorship and coaching.


Our overall objective of the DJC is to create a gateway for young ladies to be informed, learn, participate and contribute to shaping the future Uganda’s digital economy, specifically in the remote work space while piggybacking off global exposure.
WITU launched this program in 2020 with the aim of reducing Uganda’s unemployment rate especially among young women by connecting them to remote work opportunities. At the DJC, we envision a community where young Ugandan women learn, work , earn to boost their livelihoods, educate themselves and their children from their homes leveraging affordable technology infrastructure and the internet and therefore being valuable contributors to their societies.


We elevate the social and economic status of young women across Uganda by helping them develop relevant, quality skills for the future of work and linking them to job opportunities , provide them with quality business and vocational skills and linkages to financial services so that they can start and run successful businesses
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