Our Opportunity


Research Data on Uganda's population reveals that its people have boundless potential

  • In 2018, more than half of Ugandans were between the the ages of 15 and 29.
  • An amazing 78% of people who exit elementary school do not seek a higher degree, resulting in a massive eligible workforce. This suggests that a large portion of the eligible labor is not being utilized.
  • At this rate, more than half of today's young people will be unable to participate in the global digital revolution by 2030.
  • Furthermore, the global COVID-19 pandemic has proved disastrous, disproportionately harming young women in impoverished communities
    WITU's strategy involves using advanced networking tools to harness Uganda's female workforce, accelerating growth and establishing Uganda's global Tech presence with both women and men leading the way.

Digital transformation

The mastery of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and ICT (information and communication technology) plays a vital role in the current digital economy.

Yet, only 30% of the female student population worldwide choose STEM-related fields of study…

And only 3% of annual ICT graduates are women.

It’s time for women to find equal representation in the advancing tech industry.

It’s time for women to be major players in the global economy.

Let’s get to work, together.

Untapped talent

Let’s imagine a Uganda where young women can participate in the global digital revolution. What could it look like?

It would bring financial stability, a more fulfilling future for Ugandan families. It could reduce the gender wage gap, boost cumulative earnings.
On a large scale, foster economic prevalence for Uganda itself.

There is a great appetite within WITU target groups to learn STEM skills and gain industry
insights. These women are hungry for opportunity and for success. And they are the future of Uganda.

WITU programs distinguish young women and girls for their talents in tech. We equip them
with tools for their success and provide continual professional support.

We envision an empowered Uganda. Will you be a part of the movement?