About us

Founded in 2014, WITU is a non-profit started by women for women. The goal of the organization is to transform the lives of women and girls from underserved communities into successful technologists and entrepreneurs. We achieve this through carefully working with communities and their people to bring lasting change.Started in Kampala with 2 computers and 7 participants, WITU has grown into a national non profit reaching over 35 districts across the country, working with at least 6000 young girls and women annually and supporting then to get into gainful and dignifies work  either through connection to job opportunities or support to start a business.The WITU network comprises tech professionals, women business owners and experts in different fields across Uganda.  WITU’s programs are developed together with the participants and industry leaders to ensure they are relevant and we leverage technology to deliver our programs. Through a carefully structured programme of education, mentoring and practical financial support we intend to level the gender gap and economic imbalance for long term growth and stability. By 2026, we will have positively impacted the lives of 50,000 women and girls giving them the means to establish financial independence and personal growth.

Our vision

To improve the lives and futures of African females through technological & economic equality.

Our Mission

To contribute to the economic growth and gender equality in Africa through skills development and Innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship and unlocking opportunities for women.

Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Quality assurance
  • Young women-centered

Message from the CEO

Young womens’ social and economic empowerment is very personal to me. During my gap year between high school and university, I had the choice to either follow the paths of many young Ugandan women like me (marriage, children, a life dependent on male hierarchy, etc.) or to pursue a different route. I chose the different route of learning to code and teaching other young women this skill set. After graduating from the university, I decided to commit my life to helping young girls and women gain agency over their lives and achieve financial independence. This was the start of Women In Technology Uganda.
We believe that giving young women social and economic empowerment is one of the keys to ending poverty in Africa and around the world. Furthermore, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is one of the major keys to unlocking the power in these young women and will help solve social and economic challenges in society. Education in STEM, leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and developing self efficacy are some of the ways WITU is putting power in the hands of girls and young women. At WITU, we believe a future exists where equal rights and equality are not myths; where a girl has knowledge, power and control over her body and wellbeing; where a girl has the power to contribute to family decisions and income; and where girls get quality education and can help change communities.

Our Approach


Inspire & educate girls in science, technology, engineering and math


Unlock access to digital work opportunities for women


Contribute to gender equality in the
technology roles