About Us

About Us

We are inspired by your story.

Here is ours.

It is your story and the narrative of every WITU woman that unites and motivates us.

2014 in Kampala, we began with 2 computers and 7 participants. Since then, we have grown into a national nonprofit, reaching over 35 districts across the country. We work with over 6,000 young girls and women annually.

This growing network of passionate and dedicated women strives to foster a systematically secure future for women and girls in underserved communities. Tech professionals, female business owners, and industry experts across Uganda… This is an organization created by women, for women. Through cooperative work with participants, we leverage technology to develop programs that are relevant and effective.

  • Transform the lives of women and girls
  • Create multi-generational financial security for African families
  • Contribute to gender equality and women’s economic empowerment
  • Tap into the economic gain of the highly-trending global tech industry

If our goals sound lofty, it’s because they are. But, the WITU Model has been tried, tested, and perfected.
We know it works because it already has.
Now, we’re ready to set our goals even higher.
Over the next 5 years, we will create 100,000 jobs for young women, including refugees and females with disabilities.
This will be achieved by carefully working with communities and their people to bring lasting change.
WITU participates in the formation of new businesses and the scaling of existing ones. What does that mean for our tech women?
Direct access to jobs through the digital economy.
We know our story is just beginning…
so is yours.


“We believe it’s possible to achieve a world where women are equally contributing to
STEM development, leadership,
and entrepreneurship.”

Barbara M. Mutabazi
CEO and Founder

How WITU Works

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Contact us to be paired with
a WITU Mentor.

Step 2 →

Become one of thousands of
WITU participants, educated
in science, technology,
engineering, and math
through our strategic

Step 3

WITU networking resources
match you with one of
millions of jobs in


A Message from the CEO

Young womens’ social and economic empowerment is very personal to me. During my gap year between high school and university, I had the choice to either follow the paths of many young Ugandan women like me (marriage, children, a life dependent on male hierarchy, etc.) or to pursue a different route.

I chose the different route of learning to code and teaching other young women this skill set.

After graduating from university, I decided to commit my life to helping young girls and women gain agency over their lives and achieve financial independence. This was the start of Women In Technology Uganda.

We believe that giving young women social and economic empowerment is one of the keys to ending poverty in Africa and around the world. Furthermore, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is one of the major keys to unlocking the power in these young women and will help solve social and economic challenges in society.

Education in STEM, leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and developing self efficacy are some of the ways WITU is putting power in the hands of girls and young women. At WITU, we believe a future exists where equal rights and equality are not myths; where a girl has knowledge, power and control over her body and wellbeing; where a girl has the power to contribute to family decisions and income; and where girls get quality education and can help change communities.