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    Get girls interested in STEM

  • Maker Space

    A maker space community for girls

  • Code Girls

    Teaching girls how to code

  • Coding Skills Academy

    Market-led skills development

  • Skills For Their Future

    Give her an education

Who we are

Imagine a world where women and girls have equal access to education, information, leadership positions and assets, such as land. Poverty, violence and war could be significantly reduced. We are working towards this world! Founded in 2014, WITU is a nonprofit company started by women for women. The goal of WITU is to connect young women from underserved communities to dignified and meaningful employment and economic opportunities. We do this by offering educational programs in STEM and technology job opportunities.

Our focus areas

Girls education and women empowerment

Technology inclusion

Closing the digital gender divide

Girls education

Girls belong in classrooms not at home while everyone else gets an education

Women empowerment

A secure source of income can be truly transformational for families and their communities

Our Programmes

This is our STEM focused program that is taking advantage of the digital transformation happening around us and aims to ensure that young women and girls are not left behind. This program is pushing for technological gender equality in Uganda...
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This is a women founders program that cultivates women entrepreneurs by providing business development services and digital transformation support. It serves two categories of young women. Those who are underserved...
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Digital Jobs Center
Connecting young women and youth to work opportunities using technology. The work opportunities maybe be digital or non, maybe remote or physical.The main component is to use technology to access the opportunities and we want to do this through...
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News & Blogs

Education continuity during covid-19

The pandemic not only disrupted business but also everything across the world including education...

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Covid-9 effects on our community

Our work with young women who have dropped out of school as well as those in underserved schools has been greatly...

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Profiling Uganda Women in STEM

WITU is striving to increase the number of women in STEM by showcasing existing, innovative women across Uganda...

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