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Women in Technology Uganda

Cultivating gender equality and financial independence through

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Our focus areas

Technology inclusion

Closing the digital gender divide

Girls education

Enriching young lives and enabling meaningful growth.

Women empowerment

Applying advanced skills in the global workforce.

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Our Strategic Approach

Identify needs

Your circumstances should not define or constrain you.

Every single girl and woman is worthy of an equal opportunity for dignified work and financial security.


Develop confidence, hope, and a desire to work.

Through systematic behavioral change, programs are designed to interrupt the cultural stigma against women. 


Establish skills and gain knowledge that can never be taken away from you.

Educational programs provide tools and resources so each woman can support herself with the living wage she deserves.


Be a skilled competitor in the global workforce.

Environment, tools, mentorship, resources, and networking connections are provided to every participant so that she can excel.

Opportunity at your fingertips

The Digital Age has created millions of jobs in the tech industry.
  The WITU platform recruits, trains, and stages Uganda’s talented women
to access life changing opportunities and becoming
tech professionals.


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"WITU’s work over the last 8 years has impacted over 15,000 young women from underserved communities across Uganda."
Leticia Nakitende,
Head of Operations


" I am thankful to Women In Technology Uganda for providing me with the opportunity to work with a global tech company and bridging the gap for me."
Gloria Nakirega
Programs Officer


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